Francis and Walter Davison: ‘Sonnets’ from Poetical Rapsody (1602)


Francis and Walter Davison, ‘Sonnets’ from Poetical Rapsody (1602)

Catalogue Number: 40

Type: Love

Publication: Francis Davison, A poetical rapsody containing, diuerse sonnets, odes, elegies, madrigalls, and other poesies, both in rime, and measured verse. Neuer yet published. The bee and spider by a diuerse power, sucke hony’ & poyson from the selfe same flower.  Sig. D2r-I3v

Year of publication: 1602

Sonnets numbered? Yes

Sonnets entitled? ‘Sonet’ and ‘Sonnet’

Introductory sonnets: No

Number of sonnets in sequence: 15 + odes, madrigals.

Lines per sonnet: 14

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