Robert Tofte: Alba (1597)


Robert Tofte, Alba (1597)

Not containing true sonnets, this sequence includes the first reference to William Shakespeare’s play Love’s Labour’s Lost in print.

Catalogue Number: 35

Type: Love

Publication:  Alba The months minde of a melancholy louer, diuided into three parts: by R.T. Gentleman. Hereunto is added a most excellent pathetical and passionate letter, sent by Duke D’Epernoun, vnto the late French King, Henry the 3. of that name, when he was commanded from the court, and from his royallcompanie. Translated into English by the foresaid author.

Year of publication: 1597

Sonnets numbered? No

Sonnets entitled? No

Introductory sonnets: No

Number of sonnets in sequence: –

Lines per sonnet: 6/12

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