John Swoothern: ‘Diana’ from Pandora (1584)


John Swoothern, ‘Diana’ from Pandora (1584)

Catalogue Number: 10

Type: Love

Publication:  Pandora, the musyque of the beautie, of his mistresse Diana. Composed by Iohn Soowthern Gentleman, and dedicated to the right Honorable, Edward Deuer, Earle of Oxenford, &c. 1584. Iune. 20.  Sig. A4v-C3r.

Year of publication: 1584

Sonnets numbered? Yes

Sonnets entitled? ‘Sonnet’

Introductory sonnets: 1

Number of sonnets in sequence: 13 + odes, epodes, antistrophe

Lines per sonnet: 14

Durable EEBO link


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